Visual FoxPro $150/hour
Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET $150/hour
Support and  monthly maintenance (1 year contract required) $95/ month
System setup, implementation and training

The V-Group, Inc. have been setting up PRO ERP solutions from the time it was created. Our full knowledge of the product and its history, sets us apart from the competition. By understanding all the details and the internal workings of this very advanced business accounting package, we can speed the implementation and the learning curve for any company.

Custom Modifications
We are experts in the SAGE/ACCPAC/SBT applications written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro, both with FOX and SQL database backends.
We have 20 years experience and the technical know-how, to modify and adapt the software to the specific needs of diverse business entities. We are also capable of taking a whole project including design specifications, programming, testing, implementation and training, and deliver a solution that will create an efficient business workplace.
Systems and Application Programming
Throughout the years, while working for different business environments and on application development from various platforms we have gathered a unique talent, developing custom programs that are tailor made to make businesses be efficient in their day to day activities. Our programming staff can analyze and recommend solution that will save any company wasted resources. These resources can be targeted through highly customized programs, training and co-developed business procedures into an efficient business environment.

We have successfully designed, programmed and implemented solutions for different types of businesses. From Small to Medium to Large Scale installations, no project is too small or too large for our experienced programmers. Our teamwork complements our years of experience working with different environments, operating systems and hardware setups.


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