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The way the computer industry continues to change and advance, many companies and individuals seek advice from computer consultants on how to improve in their field. The V-Group designs, installs, upgrades computers and servers to better fit to your work environment.

We confer with you on how to keep up with he rapid changes in the industry. in our offices, or at  your site. We offer simple productive and cost effective solutions customized to your needs. We train you and follow up on your needs.

We provide the following services

One stop computing solution provider.

Custom Programming in DOS/Windows and network environments.

Internet web design and development.

Training services, on site or in house.

We are authorized resellers of the award winning  ACCPAC accounting software. We provide total ACCPAC system integration into any business environment with installation, setup and program modification services.

Network setup, installation and maintenance for  Windows NT.

Computer hardware and software sales and maintenance services including system review, additional applications, and upgrades as needed.




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